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Twice as nice for Gosford Private Midwife

It's Multiple Birth Awareness Week and we had a chat to one of our own Midwives who is mother to twin boys to share her experience and insights during this important week.

Multiple Birth Awareness week is an occasion especially close to the heart of one of our Gosford Private Maternity Services Midwives, Krystal, who is mum to Hugo and Levi, fraternal boys born at Gosford Private Hospital just over two years ago.

Krystal, 29, from Springfield who has been a Midwife at Gosford Private Maternity Services for the last six years said it can be an overwhelming experience when families first find out they are having a multiple pregnancy.

“It was a massive surprise for us and the biggest priority for me was that I was comfortable, calm and safe with the environment and team looking after me,” She said.

“For me there was no doubt that I was going to have them anywhere else but at Gosford Private Hospital, it was like being in a family environment and being able to choose your obstetric specialist makes a big difference, especially when it come to a multiple birth.

“In those early days, having my partner be able to stay with me in hospital and access to around the clock support from the midwifery and paediatric specialists was just invaluable for getting us on the right track to parenting multiple children.”

Gosford Private Maternity Services Maternity Midwifery Nurse Unit Manager Robyn Gasparotto said that there are a range of misconceptions out there in the community when it comes to multiple pregnancies and births.

“It is important to tailor care to each woman’s individual needs. No two women are the same, nor are their twin pregnancies the same. Recognising and understanding what is important to women and developing a trusted relationship with them is key to a rewarding and beautiful experience,” Ms Gasparotto said.

“Our Special Care Unit is designed to care for babies from 32 weeks gestation and our expert team of Gosford Private Midwives, Obstetricians and Paediatric specialists can provide highly personalised care to support families on a multiple birth journey.”

Krystal said one of the main pieces of advice she had for families who find themselves embarking on a multiple birth journey is to reach out for support.

“Sometimes talking to another family or mother who is going through the same challenges you are or have been through it can help you feel connected and combat the isolation which sometimes comes with being a parent to twins,” Krystal said.

“Unfortunately you can experience some negative comments from people about the challenges associated with having multiple births but I honestly adored being able to birth two beautiful boys and found joining twin play groups, support pages and linking into to other support groups as vital to navigating being a parent to twins.

“Having an Obstetrician you can trust and who knows and respects your needs and a skilled Paediatric specialist to guide the care for your children post birth really ensured that my experience was as positive and as supportive as possible.”

** images taken by InBloom photography.